AUGUST 30, 2008

Place: Soundview Community Center (Hartford Ave-Old Lyme, CT)

DATE/TIME: August 30, 2008 (SATURDAY) 10 A.M.



Chairman Presentation: Harry Plaut – President

Summary of Events: Year 2007 – 2008.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from Prior Meeting of 6/22/08; 6/28/08

and 7/29/08.

Old Business: . Old Lyme Beaches (Security)

. ATV Patrolling Vehicle

. Nominating Committee

. Voting of Officers (Election)

. Any other Old Business

New Business: . Working cohesively with the Town of Old Lyme and

the Old Lyme Police

. Appointed Beach Delegates (Update)

. School Project Referendum 2C

. Any other New Information




August 30, 2008


Place: Soundview Community Center (Hartford Ave, Old Lyme, CT)

Time: 10:15 a.m.

Attendance: Sign In Sheet was not found in facility.

Harry Plaut (President) opened meeting introducing personnel from the organization known as

“Get the Facts”. This organization informed the Federation of Beaches (FOB) delegates and alternates in attendance about the Old Lyme High School Renovation Project Plan. Information on the upcoming referendum for Lyme and Old Lyme residents is being encouraged for residents to participate in. This organization wants the town residents to be totally informed on this project due to the extreme inflated cost to complete this project and the major impact it will have on the Old Lyme property owner taxes. One-third (1/3) of all the tax revenue to the Town of Old Lyme is from the beach property owners. Ad “Ad Hoc Advisory Committee” has met with the town officials and the Board of Education in the past months in order to accept this proposal. The proposed voting for this referendum is October 14, 2008 (date not finalized). Many of the beach residents may not be in the area at the time of this voting date, due to many beach owners are here seasonal. Use of the “ABSENTEE BALLOT” is encouraged for those residents to vote who will not be here. Their voices and votes need to be recognized. Literature was available for all those in attendance to obtain regarding this project and to inform their own beach association residents. The issue of the Old Lyme High School is in dire need of repair, mainly due to the past neglect of proper maintenance of this facility. Additional information may be obtained by accessing the web site:

Chris Carter – a member of the Board of Education and an Old Lyme resident informed the audience that he is not in favor of this proposal. He expressed that he has informed the town officials and the Board of Education that this plan is flawed and the cost if over inflated. Currently, the building serves approximately 500 students, and will even less in the upcoming years. He expressed that the building is in major need of repair, but not at the inflated cost projected. He said the Board of Education is promoting this project. He feels that all residents should attend the Board of Education meetings are they are “open to the public” and persons should voice their concerns.

NOTE: The Federation of Beaches remains neutral on the voting issue. The FOB wants the

Information to be made available to all the beach residents and persons can make up

Their own minds on whether to vote YES or NO; on this High School Referendum Vote.



Minutes from the Executive Council Meeting conducted on June 28, 2008 reviewed. Motion made from Richard Sagan to accept the minutes; 2nd by Gil Soucie. Discussion: Butch informed that the FOB Board Minutes will be published onto the Federation of Beaches web-site once approved. Additionally, any information that is important will also be entered onto the FOB web-site. All in favor = Passed.


Income: FOB Dues Collected (as of 6/30/08) $4,359.00

Interest: 216.30

TOTAL INCOME $4,575.30

Expenses: (July 31, 2007 to June 30, 2008)

Admin/Supplies: $ 57.70

Donations: 150.00

Insurance: 956.00

Misc: (Includes ATV Purchase) 9,254.00

Postage/Printing: 52.40

Web-site: ___595.00

TOTAL $11,735.80

CHECKING ACCOUNT: (As of 6/30/08) $3,352.54


CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT (Matures 9/2/08) $5,173.81

(As of 6/30/08) BALANCE $8,712,24

BALANCES (As of 7/31/08) Checking: $3,352.54

Savings: $ 186.54

C.D. $5,188.70


Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report from Gil Soucie; 2nd Fred Callahan.

Discussion: Misc expense shows the ATV purchase/deposit, etc. All in Favor; = Passed.


Harry Plaut (President) presentation reviewed the last two (2) years of changes that have taken place at the FOB, where it started from scratch. Rules and Regulations were updated during the first year. The FOB was involved in projects concerning the initial High School Referendum project proposed and the Evacuation plan of the Old Lyme Beach area. During the last year, focus was put on the Security aspects of the beaches. The FOB became involved in purchasing an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to be utilized on patrolling of the beach areas. The ATV became operational at the latter part of July 2008. Initially, it was to begin at the opening of the season, but due to delays from town politics, town budgeting and manning of the ATV with the assistance of the Old Lyme Town Police. Additional equipment needed to be installed for security purposes and use from the police department. A brief overview has been provided from the town police and their feelings were the use of this vehicle was successful. Budget allocation from the town for use of this ATV was not used this year, and will be utilized for operating on the upcoming summer year 2009. Approximately $12,000.00 is still available for next year’s use, from the town Board of Finance. Encouragement will be to publicize this vehicle next year, letting the beach residents know that the vehicle is out there and will be facilitated. The ATV will also be used around the town for emergency situations. To date, the ATV was used in three (3) emergency responses, and one was to assist an elderly gentleman in distress. Another ATV was initially purchased with a $500.00 deposit, however the ATV did not meet security requirements – therefore the deposit for this vehicle of $500.00 was lost, due to going beyond the expiration date on the sales agreement. A letter from the vendor is being requested explaining the reason for the non-returnable deposit to the FOB. The ATV was purchased to increase security operations for the beaches and working with the town officials and town police.

The ATV is owned by the Old Lyme Federation of Beaches and is “Leased” to the Town of Old Lyme Police Department for $1.00 a year. A copy of the lease agreement is needed to be maintained in the FOB record files. The Town of Old Lyme is assuming responsibility for the liability, maintenance, upkeep and manpower regarding the operation of this vehicle.

For the past year, many of the members of the Federation of Beaches (FOB) Board have left due to personal reasons, therefore leaving only a few to carry on the functions of the FOB. Individuals that remained were Harry Plaut (Pres), Scott Boulanger (V.Pres), Rich Glasson (Treas) and David Griswold (Dir). Butch Lagano was hired (temporarily) to assume the position of Connie Holmes (Secretary) in June 2008. Connie Holmes has since resigned and a letter of her resignation has been received and placed on file.

A Nominating Committee has been formed consisting of John Boccaccio (Soundview) and Doug Whalen (Old Colony Beach), over the past months. The committee reviewed applicants expressing an interest in becoming a member of the FOB Board. Doug Whalen was not in attendance at this meeting and John Boccaccio will make his presentation. Important and foremost, a quorum must be maintained in order to conduct a voting election of officers. Each beach association present is entitled to two (2) votes – one from a delegate and another from an alternate. Quorum has been met with representation of 1/3 of Old Lyme Beaches which includes fifteen (15) delegates and alternates.


The Nominating Committee made the following candidates for nominations, and terms of office:

President: Scott Boulanger (Miami Beach) Term: 08/08 – 08/10)

Vice President: Harry Plaut (Old Colony Beach) Term: 08/07 – 08/09

Treasurer: Gil Soucie (Old Lyme Shores) Term: 08/08 – 08/10

Secretary: Butch Lagano (Old Colony Beach) Term: 08/07 – 08/09

*Director: Dave Griswold (Black Hall Assoc) Term: 08/06 – 08/09

Director: Fred Callahan (Point O’ Woods) Term: 08/07 – 08/10

Director: Paul Rowean (Old Lyme Shores) Term: 08/08 – 08/11

maintains current position

John Boccaccio was not aware the position of Secretary (temporarily being held by

Butch Lagano) was being considered a paid position on the FOB Board. In the past, members who held this position did not remain to fulfill the capacity of the Secretary position. Over the past months, the FOB decided to make the Secretary position on the FOB Board a paid position and it would be brought to the attention of the delegates and to vote on it during the Annual Meeting. Gail Fuller (Soundview Beach) wanted clarification that if the Secretary position was a paid position, would it still be considered a FOB Board position. The FOB Board responded that it would be. Gail asked Butch Lagano, that if the position was not a paid position would he consider taking the role of the secretary position as a non paid position. Butch Lagano’s explained that when the FOB Board approached him for this position, it would be a FOB Board paid position. He responded that he would not accept this role as a non paid position – due to the extreme complex duties and the time element that it takes to fulfill the duties of this position.

Since accepting this temporary position, he has been able to publicize the Minutes of the FOB Board onto the web-site in a timely manner, including taking on other tasks of this position, The FOB Board will need to address this change into the by-laws and regulations as an amendment. A motion was made by Sandy (Soundview Beach) to maintain the Secretary position as a FOB Board member and pay a yearly stipend of $600.00. Motion was seconded; All in favor = Passed. Nominations have been made from the floor as followed:

Position for the Federation of Beaches Vice President is:

HARRY PLAUT (Old Colony Beach)

RICHARD SAGAN (Old Lyme Shores)

DENNIS MELLUZZO (Soundview Beach)

Paper Ballot requested and first (1st Count as followed):

Harry Plaut (6)

Richard Sagan (6)

Dennis Melluzzo (3) TOTAL 15


Due to a Tie Count a 2nd Voting needed to be casted between Harry Plaut and Richard Sagan. The counts completed by paper ballot are as followed:



Richard Sagan will assume the role of Vice President of the Federation of Beaches.

While 2nd voting was in session, Sam Rio from the Hawk’s Nest Beach Association interrupted the meeting by announcing the Hawk’s Nest Beach Association has withdrawn their membership from the Federation of Beaches Association. No reason was given at this time.

The Town of Old Lyme has purchased the parking lot (parcel of land) across from the old chapel on Rt# 156 for $227,000.00. It plans on utilizing the property as a “Land Bank” for the Town of Old Lyme to use at a later date for an emergency facility; i.e. Police and/or Fire Station. The town has agreed NOT to utilize this property as a public parking lot.

Richard Sagan made a motion to obtain mailing labels from the Town of Old Lyme of all the beach residents and to send out mailing regarding the High School Referendum project. A mailing will consist of an application for an absentee ballot, eligibility letter and for persons to participate in the voting that may occur on October 14, 2008 (date indefinite – at this time). Motion was 2nd by Sandy (Soundview). Discussion: Not to persuade the voting – up to the persons to vote yes or no on the project. All in favor = Passed.

A note of information for persons interested in becoming a “hospice volunteer” and for those persons interested, to contact him.

Gail Fuller (Soundivew Beach) advised that she will update the current FOB Board Roster and will E-mail list to the FOB Board members.

Motion to Adjourn and 2nd: ADJOURNMENT 12:00 P.M

Minutes prepared/submitted: Scy: Butch Lagano