Meeting Date:           Monday 4 January 2010 - 7:30 PM


Location:                       Meeting Hall, Old Lyme Memorial Town Hall


1.   Approval of Minutes:       21 December 2009


2.   Communications:            

a.      Ltr. to Christ the King Church – Thanks for Flu Clinic Space


3   Appointments:               

Conservation Commis. – Rescind Richard Sattler (U) – 3 Yr. Term to Jan 2011

Conservation Commis. – Taffy Holland (D) – 3 Yr. Term to Jan 2010

Conservation Commis. – David McCulloch (D) – 3 Yr. Term to Jan 2011


4.  Old Business:               

Bus Barn – Bid Results

Church Corner Project – Update

T-Mobile Public Hearing – 4 Feb 2010 7:00 PM in Town Hall


5.  New Business:               

6.   Public Comment:


7.   Other Business:


8.   Executive Session:         

9.   Adjournment:


First Selectman’s Update

Transfer Station

It has seemed like Spring will never come, but before we all start our yard work in earnest, I thought it would be good timet to remind you about some changes at the Transfer Station on Four Mile River Road. The improved Transfer Station, which has been in operation for 10 months, is working out very well. Residents have adjusted to using the new scale when bringing in bulky waste items. Residents are charged 5 cents per pound or $105 per ton to dispose of bulky waste.

Items to be recycled are still accepted at no or nominal charges. In an effort to save money at the Transfer Station, we have decided that it will be closed on Monday all year long. In the Holiday issue of the Old Lyme Events , we announced that the Town of Old Lyme will no longer offer curbside pickup of leaves. There are two reasons: First, it takes a long time for our Public Works Department to pick up the leaves and bring them to the Transfer Station. Second, DEP regulations now prevent the Town from stockpiling leaves at the Transfer Station. Accordingly, we must load the leaves in roll-off containers and ship them out of town. This involves pull charges and disposal fees that we did not have before.

In order to recover disposal costs, we have established the following charges for residential leaf disposal, eff. 1 June 2009:

 No commercial leaf disposal is allowed (this policy has been in effect)

 Minimum charge for leaf disposal is $5 Pickup truck or small trailer charge is $15

 Larger vehicles/trailers – Charge determined by Town personnel

 Resident must empty and remove any paper or plastic bags

 Town personnel have final word on unique situations

Bus Barn

In November of 2008, the Regional School District 18 Board of Education voted to require the District’s busses to be located on and operated from a portion of the Transfer Station property for a minimum of ten years, starting on 1 July 2010 (when the current bus contract expires). Once we were assured we had the District’s commitment to relocate the Bus Barn to the Transfer Station property, we worked on plans for the facility which we are now presenting to Land Use boards and commissions. Assuming all approvals are secured by the end of June 2009, we will ask for Town Meeting approval to appropriate funds to construct the facility.

The improvements will consist of a paved parking surface, with state-of–the-art drainage, that will accommodate 30 busses/ vans and 27 employee vehicles, a separate driveway off Four Mile River Rd., an approximate 1,000 square foot dispatch building, a 2,000 gallon above ground fuel tank, a perimeter anchor fence, and various other items. The cost of the improvements will be in the neighborhood of $550,000, however, the Town will be repaid from the future rent the bus company that the District selects.

Community Resources Roundtable

In early February, Becky Crosby, Associate Minister of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme sent me a letter stating that the Lyme-Old Lyme Council of Churches has seen a significant increase in the need for assistance from our citizens. She noted that some organizations that deal with the public are not fully aware of the types of assistance that are available, and suggested we hold a forum of service providers. On March 19th, we sponsored a Community Resources Roundtable that was attended by over 50 people representing 29 service organizations. Celine Sullivan from the Council of Churches and I hosted the Roundtable which was moderated by John Forbis. It was an amazing exchange of information and many people said things like “I didn’t realize this type of assistance was available!” during the Roundtable.

The group agreed that the “front line” people would meet separately in order to develop a comprehensive list of service providers and the specific assistance they can provide. We will also try to identify other types of assistance that we may not be using now. Once the list is complete, we will look for volunteers and sources of funding to augment our front line people.

Volunteers may come from our non-profit and civic organizations or members of the public. We also hope to foster a “neighbor looking out for neighbor” mind set so that we may reach out to those in need and help them, if they so choose.

We are off to an excellent start and we will keep you updated.

First Selectman’s Update

Fiscal 2010 Town Budget

The Boards of Selectmen and Finance have developed the FY 2010 Town budget totaling $31,046,444, which is up

$273,188 or 0.89% greater than last year. The General Government budget is down 0.33% and the Capital budget is up

10.21%. The main reason is road reconstruction and repair, which we believe is important and should not be cut. Total

Government and Capital is up 0.56% or $47,474. The Regional School budget will increase 1.7% and our share of that,

after deducting the School’s FY 2008 surplus and other revenue, is $225,714 or an increase of 1.01%.

The real problems for next year are the meager growth in our Grand List (0.13%), and lower local ($331,000) and State

($49,000) revenue. Major reasons for lower local revenue are reduced income from fees and reduce interest on investments

($200,000), due to the economy. Of the $664,000 increase in the taxes next year, $383,000 or 58% relates to lower

revenues and $273,000 or 41% relates to increased spending.

The mill rate will increase 0.5 mills or 2.56% from 19.0 to 19.50. In addition to the dollar differences detailed above, the

Board of Finance reduced its tax collection rate estimate from 98.7% to 98.0% because of the difficult economic times.

This may be conservative, but it will provide some flexibility should the State reduce our revenues further. Please be aware

that the School budget referendum is on Tuesday May 5th at the Cross Lane Firehouse and the Town Budget Meeting will

be at 7:30pm on Monday May 18th in the Middle School Auditorium.

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