Federation of Old Lyme Beaches
Meeting Minutes  for Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 7:00 PM


Meeting Hall, Town Hall


The Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority is presenting its proposal to amend the septic system regulations throughout town.


Why should you be concerned and want to attend? Because you fall into one of two different categories:

1. Your perfectly working septic system or cesspool will not conform and you're disgusted with the way this is being forced on everyone living in town.


2. Your present septic system will easily conform, but you're still disgusted with the way this is being forced on everyone living in town.



Guess who's meeting two days later at 9am?

Water Pollution Control Authority

Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM

2nd Floor Conference Room


The non-experts of the OLWPCA will probably be deciding the best way to get their craziness placed onto the agenda by the Board of Selectmen so that we citizens can vote at a special Town Meeting within the next 4-6 weeks.



How can you defeat this and prevent the proposals from ever reaching the voting stage at a Town Meeting?

You bombard the selectmen with emails, letters, petitions and phone messages demanding they not place any proposals on the agenda. You might not be able to sway the First Selectman, so concentrate your efforts by leaning on the other two selectmen. The same vote was postponed this past May and can be effectively killed off for good.


There's no rule saying you can send only one email or make one call. Back up your first contact with multiple reminders. The selectmen are elected to do our bidding, not the other way around where we are lead around like a herd of sheep. If voting is placed on the agenda, not only will we vote the amendments down, we will also vote them out of town hall.


The beach associations can set up tables at the beach entrances or their respective road entrances and ask that property owners sign a petition. Neighborhoods can set up a table at a central location and have residents stop and sign a petition as they pass by in their cars. Business owners might consider asking their resident customers to sign a petition.


Postal Address:

Old Lyme Memorial Town Hall

52 Lyme St,

Old Lyme, CT 06371


Phone Numbers:

Timothy C. Griswold, First Selectman 434-1605 x211

Skip Sibley 434-1605 x212

Bonnie Reemsnyder 434-1121



(860) 434-1400



selectmansoffice@oldlyme-ct.gov <selectmansoffice@oldlyme-ct.gov> (specify Griswold or Sibley in your message)

b.reemsnyder@gmail.com <b.reemsnyder@gmail.com>



What are some questions you can ask yourself and others at the meeting Tuesday night?


1. What expertise and experience does each member of the OLWPCA have in waste management?


2. Why weren't we presented with estimated cost upgrades for a septic tank, for a leaching field, for an engineered system?


3. Will waterfront parcels require advanced treatment systems and what are those costs?


4. What if the DEP is not satisfied and eventually mandates a town-based sewer treatment plant?


5. Why is OL scheduling a rushed 5-year completion time frame?


6. Why aren't we being told about payment options and financing and loan plans?


7. Why aren't small community based sewer systems a consideration for each individual beach association?


8. Why are there no minutes from the OLWPCA since October, 2009?


9. Why haven't engineering firms been consulted and asked to project computer-based data regarding waste removal by means of sewers?


10. Why did OL resort to a presumably ineffective band-aid approach (5-year pump out plan) for over a decade?


11. If the 5-year pump out plan is considered a success, where is the data that we are still polluting?


12. Where are the other plans OL considered since the DEP issued its decree 28 years ago?


13. What option does a homeowner have if his small parcel of land has an abundant area of structure built on that small parcel?


14. Who is to say that property owners will not be charged in the future for Permits to Discharge, Complete Inspection reports, Visual Inspection reports, Liquid Waste Disposal Tickets, Pump-out Permits, and the like?



Old Lyme residents will not have to worry about many of these uncertainties, if we vote down these amendments. Residents will not have to worry about voting, if there is no agenda item. Residents will not have to worry about the agenda, if we make clear to the selectmen NOW that the amendment proposals are ill-conceived, narrow-minded and lack focus with no guarantee of success.


A concerned citizen.

Old Lyme, CT







There will be a public information meeting presented by the Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) on Tuesday, July 27, 7pm at the Shoreline Community Center, 39 Hartford Ave. Old Lyme. The presentation will consist of a PowerPoint presentation as well as questions from attendees.


The proposed ordinance amendments and PowerPoint presentations are located for your review at: